A question a day in Advent

Last year, The Deckchair Listening Project asked families in Cambourne “What does Christmas mean to you?“… Here’s some of what was said

Most of the families loved Christmas day itself, but sometimes the over commercialisation of it all started to wear a bit thin by the Big Day itself.

So how can we get ready well?

This year, Sunday November 27th sees the start of “advent” (the word means “coming”) — which Christians use as a season of preparation. And each day from then until Christmas, we’re going to post a question over on our Twitter and Facebook pages to help us think more about getting ready for the coming festival:

Ponder the question, and if you want to go deeper with it, take a look at these resources….

The questions are drawn from some brilliant resources from The Uniting Church in Australia: Celebrating Advent @ Home – Advent Family Calendar

They also suggest a simple activity each day — sometimes watching a YouTube clip, sometimes getting outside and doing something physical together. If you wanted to give it a try, read more and download their free resources here: childrensministry.org.au/2016/11/advent-home-cal/

And if you come along to The Link this Sunday, we’ll all get started together by making that great paper wreath!

Download their Advent Family Calendar 2016 HERE

Links and clips from the Calendar:

Sunday 27th November –  Create: Paper advent wreath TEMPLATE.
Tuesday 29th Nov – Song: Kingdom Come
Wednesday 30th Nov – Bible Reading Luke 1:26-33

Wednesday 7 December – Bible Reading Luke 1:39-56
Wednesday 7 December – Listen and watch: Magnificat Spoken word

Tuesday 13th December – Listen and watch: “Mary, did you know?”
Wednesday 14 December – Bible Reading: Luke 2:8-14

Sunday 18th December – Create: Paper DIY Nativity TEMPLATE
Wednesday 21st December Watch: An interpretation of the Nativity story
Thursday 22nd December – Read: If I were a Refugee by Leunig
Saturday 24th December – Watch and Listen: The Smallest Gift of Christmas


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