What lifts you up?

Despite the rain, The Deckchair Listening Project had an uplifting time at the Cambourne Fete this year. We set up our deckchairs (under a gazebo!), and invited Cambourne to ‘put your feet up’ and stop for a natter.

This time, our question was “what lifts you up when you are down?”20170909_111014


We realised that a sense of fun always helps: so we gave away balloons to all the children (and several of the adults)! Also appreciated was a gift of a simple blessing:

May you run and not be weary.
May you rise up on the wings of eagles.
May you know without doubt that the everlasting God goes with you!

As we blew up the balloons, people added their thoughts to our ‘community art installation’…  things like “my friends”, “my dog,” and “my children”, as well as activities like dancing, swimming, football, xbox, knitting or painting. Some found being with others makes all the difference; some need time alone… perhaps with some good music or beautiful scenery. Others turn to food – icecream and cupcakes got quite a mention – or the British favourite of a hot cup of tea. Some, too, spoke of the importance of recognising that they are part of something bigger like a community, or tapping into their spirituality.

Mostly, we were too busy chatting to take pictures, but here are a few we snapped:

Standing back to admire the now-full art installation at the end of the day, we were deeply touched by what Cambourne had shared with us: being part of this community has certainly lifted our spirits!



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